Why SAFEmine™


Massive shovels, bulky haul trucks, hard-to-see berms, workers going about their business on foot - the environment in which you and your machines work each day is full of potential dangers, dangers that could easily cause a fatality!


...And from the driver's position in his haul truck there are many blind spots.


The SAFEmine™ GPS technology is designed to alert drivers to dangerous situations and aims to eliminate the high number of transport-related incidents so common to open-pit mining.


SAFEmine™ is a compact, traffic alert and collision avoidance system, suitable for installation in all types of vehicles in open pits – from haul trucks, shovels and dozers to contractors’ bakkies – providing both audio and visual indication warnings of possible collisions.


The SAFEmine™ technology, originally developed to provide safe, reliable and accurate collision warning for general aviation, is widely deployed on all continents to enhance vehicle safety in open-pit mines. SAFEmine™ is designed to minimise nuisance warnings even in high traffic density with dynamic trajectories, which create complex traffic constellations. With over 25,000 units installed in mining vehicles, this technology has become a worldwide leader in the field of Traffic Awareness and Collision Avoidance.


Key Benefits of the SAFEmine™ System include:


• Traffic Awareness

- Typical 800m range, no line-of-sight restrictions

- Operators 'see' vehicles/objects before they are dangerous


• Collision Avoidance

- 360 degree protection at any speed and in any visibility

- No blind spots


• Distraction Free

- Smart alarms based on position, speed, heading and dangerous movement - not only on distance

- No driver interaction required - simple display


• Simple to Use and Robust

- Compact size, easy and quick installation

- QuickMount Units for contractors or visitors - mounted and removed in seconds


• Reliable

- No radio or IT infrastructure required

- Works on all mine vehicle types (haul trucks, shovels, dozers, LDVs, excavators, drillings etc)


• Flexible

- Wide range of add-on options, including black-box recording, voice alerts, live tracking and in-vehicle

   monitoring, alarms for obstacles, power lines, stop signs, speeding, roll over, harsh driving etc.


• Cost Effective



SAFEmine Diagram 1


Awareness - Within a range of typically

800 meters, SAFEmine™ is aware of

positions and courses of all  SAFEmine™ -

enabled vehicles. Once vehicles are within

preset range, SAFEmine™ will make the

operator aware of them.








SAFEmine Diagram 2


Dynamic Safety Zone (DSZ)

- Configurable for each vehicle, based on vehicle type, size and characteristics


Warning - SAFEmine™ minimizes false alarms using comprehensive, real-time information including: vehicle type, speed, distance, and course of travel. If vehicles are on a collision course, operators are alerted until appropriate action is taken to avoid an accident.





SAFEmine main unit

Dimensions - A significant leap in safety, yet small (81 mm x 30 mm x 108 mm, approx. 3.2” x 1.2” x 4.3”): SAFEmine’s non-intrusive form factor allows for easy installation in any vehicle.

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